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Protect your websites from plugin vulnerabilities


Identify plugin vulnerabilities automatically


Apply virtual patches without code changes


Get detailed reports on your security status

Identify security vulnerabilities

Identify security vulnerabilities in plugins, themes and WordPress core. 
Plugin vulnerability detection
Theme vulnerability detection
WordPress core vulnerability detection
Insecure configuration detection
Domain/SSL/TLS expiration detection
HTTP security headers detection

Receive automatic virtual patches

Receive virtual patches for security vulnerabilities and eliminate the security risk without changing the code of your website.
Virtual patches for WordPress plugins
Virtual patches for WordPress themes
Virtual patches for WordPress core
0-day protection (OWASP top 10)  
Unlimited custom firewall rules
Logs and analytics 

Get detailed reports from your dashboard

Save time by having all the data on a single easy-to-use dashboard. Get the most important information as detailed reports and alerts.
Unlimited custom alert triggers
Monthly PDF reports
Alerts to Slack
Alerts to email

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