Fastest protection for WordPress security vulnerabilities

🎉 Patchstack is the world's largest vulnerability discloser with 7,000+ vPatches to protect you

Patchstack is the official security point of contact for 300+ plugins

Auto-mitigate vulnerabilities and reduce exposure


Patchstack automatically deploys 🎯 highly targeted protection rules (vPatches) for all high and medium priority vulnerabilities without any changes to your code or site performance.

Prioritize vulnerabilities and cut off noise

Not all vulnerabilities are equal. Patchstack detects vulnerabilities in real time and prioritizes them based on the likelihood of becoming exploited 💥 to reduce alert fatigue.

Know about vulnerabilities before anyone else

Hundreds of ethical hackers report exclusively to Patchstack. As the global leader of vulnerability intelligence (#1 CVE assigner), we can protect our users up to 🚨 48 hours before the competition.

“Patchstack has led to the prevention of more than 56 000 vulnerabilities in our Managed WordPress installations.”

Liza Bogatyrev

Product Marketing Manager at

Component detection
Identify vulnerabilities
Real-time threat alerts
Actionable security suggestions
Access to support
Help migrating websites

Detect & patch vulnerabilities in your WordPress websites

Patchstack helps secure services for
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