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Detect vulnerabilities in WordPress core, plugins, and themes and get automated protection.
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99.4% of security vulnerabilities in the WordPress ecosystem originate from third-party plugins

Our Alliance community actively researches and reports thousands of vulnerabilities found in WordPress plugins
Developers are notified to issue a security update
Developers are notified to issue a security update
0-day virtual patches are then created and automatically applied to vulnerable websites connected to Patchstack

Exploits blocked in July 2022

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Find out about vulnerabilities

Instantly find out if there are any vulnerabilities present or get alerts when new vulnerabilities in installed plugins, themes, or WordPress core are found.

Automated security with virtual patches

Receive virtual patches for vulnerabilities found in plugins before they can be exploited or a security update becomes available.

Light on resources, heavy on security

Patchstack is up to 10 times less memory-consuming than other popular WordPress security plugins. 

Maximise protection with Incident Assistance

$3.49 per site / mo
No website can ever be 100% secure. Enable the add-on so that if you suspect your site has security issues, our security experts will jump to the rescue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Traditional security methods tend to block categories of attacks with no knowledge of the underlying technology, which can lead to false positives, blocking legitimate traffic or sluggish websites.

Virtual patches are applied only to known threats that affect vulnerable components on websites, making them more efficient and the best protection until a patch from the original developer can be applied.
Setting up Patchstack takes no more than a few minutes depending on if you are using auto-install through the Patchstack App (which takes seconds) or a manual installation (which can take up to 3 minutes). The data might need some time to show up after a successful installation.
The free version of Patchstack does not run anything aside from scheduled tasks on your website, so there will be no noticeable difference. The paid version does run several tasks on each page load but based on tests from us and from our customers we have seen that Patchstack does not affect your website's performance in any significant or noticeable way.
We have not had issues with Patchstack conflicting with other security services, but we do recommend using as few different tools on your WordPress site as possible. If you do use another security plugin, it is recommended to not enable similar features as it could cause site-breaking issues. If you have any issues with other security tools, please contact our support so we could investigate the issue.
Attackers automatically target all websites to build large bot nets to perform more complex attacks against lucrative targets. Even a basic website gives attackers one more node for future attacks. We believe better web security is a community effort.
Since Patchstack does not scan your files, it won't help you in finding malware on your website. If you have any indication that your website is hacked, please contact our support so we can take a look and see how or what caused any of the problems you are facing.
We do not store any logs of any kind in your database or on your filesystem on the community plan of Patchstack.
Once you install the plugin on a multisite installation, you will see a page where you can activate Patchstack on the sites that are available on the multisite installation.

Each site will be added to the Patchstack app individually and will take up a slot on your account.
We take your privacy very seriously. After activating Patchstack, it will store some information such as the software installed on your site. Please see our Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, and DPA for more information. Please email if you have other questions about your privacy.
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