Grow recurring revenue with WordPress security care plans

Patchstack could help you generate $0 in extra monthly revenue.



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Building a website is just the beginning

Good security hygiene and keeping content relevant can go a long way for growing relationships and attracting new business as well.

Growth through recurring revenue

Care plans are a huge opportunity for web agencies to loosen workload and still increase revenue up to 150% as reported in a survey.

Maintenance doesn’t have to be a pain

Stop micro-managing software and updates thanks to automatic virtual patches which keep your software safe until a security fix is issued.

In 2022, we disclosed and reported 4528 new security vulnerabilities for WordPress users.

Automated protection with virtual patches and security hardening

βœ“ Automatic virtual patching
βœ“ Additional protection modules
βœ“ Unlimited custom protection rules
Virtual patches help prevent vulnerabilities from being exploited
Malware scanning means you're acting after being compromised

A plugin becomes vulnerable

We alert you 48 hours before the vulnerability becomes public on our database

Protection is instantly deployed

Automatic virtual patches and firewall rules get enabled on the website

Attack attempts are blocked

The vulnerability cannot be exploited by attackers

A security update removes the vulnerability

Update software to a fixed version or remove it if it’s discontinued

A plugin becomes vulnerable

No action is taken

Hacking attempts are NOT blocked

If the vulnerability is targeted the website becomes compromised

The already installed malware is now found

Regular scans heavily impact site performance

The malware needs to be manually removed

Often for a one time fee

The website is still vulnerable to new attacks

The vulnerability itself has not been removed

A security update removes the vulnerability

Meanwhile, the website may have become secretly compromised

Stop micro-managing software and updates with custom automations

βœ“ 48h early vulnerability warning

βœ“ Central remote software management

βœ“ Auto-update (only) vulnerable software

βœ“ Set up custom alerts

Share security maintenance updates and performance overview with clients

βœ“ Snapshot reports πŸ‘€ for signing up clients
βœ“ Developer reports πŸ‘€ with suggestions
βœ“ White-labelling (Business plan only)

Reported up to 10x lighter than competitors

Performance optimisation is an important part of agencies offerings.

Peace of mind with Incident response

Not an expert in web application security yourself? Our experts will jump to rescue.

How to get started?

Create an account, set up billing and 2FA (recommended)
Add and connect your web applications by installing the Patchstack plugin
Generate a Snapshot report to demonstrate why care plans are important
Sign clients up to care plans, customize your experience, start growing revenue

On average, a standard care plan costs clients $99/mo – same as our Developer plan for 50 apps.

Paid monthly
Apps included
Seats included

Frequently asked questions

Malware is most commonly injected by exploiting security vulnerabilities. Patchstack detects those vulnerabilities and automatically applies virtual patches that provide highly targeted, lightweight and effective way to hold off attacks to prevent any malware to get inside.

Malware scanners in the other hand scan for already injected malware which means the web application has already been compromised and infected which also requires a thorough clean-up. While having regular malware scans is important to cover your back, it’s always better to prevent malware infections in the first place.

We encourage pairing Patchstack with other security tools, such as WPVivid or UpdraftPlus for backups and WPUmbrella or ManageWP for uptime monitoring. You may also check with your hosting service provides whether they offer pluginless server-side backups.

The free version of Patchstack does not run anything aside from scheduled tasks on your website, so there will be no noticeable difference. The paid version does run several tasks on each page load but based on tests from us and from our customers we have seen that Patchstack does not affect your website’s performance in any significant or noticeable way. In fact, a test done by one of our users indicated that Patchstack is up to 10x lighter than competing security services.

If you have questions, don't hesitate to reach out to Sander via the Intercom chat.
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