Increase revenue with WordPress security care plans for agencies

Trusted by WP ecosystem leaders

Easily increase your recurring revenue

Website care plans are a huge opportunity for digital studios and web agencies to increase revenue up to 150% as reported in a survey.

Automate security in your WordPress care plans

In 2021 we disclosed and helped protect our customers against more than 1500 vulnerabilties affecting millions of sites.

Build trust and gain returning customers

Building a website is just the beginning. Good security hygiene and site performance go a long way for your clients business as well.

Detect new security vulnerabilities

Be notified instantly when there is a new security vulnerability present on any of your sites. Patchstack monitors security of all WordPress core, plugin and theme versions in real-time.

Automated protection and virtual patches

Block hacking attempts with Patchstack firewall protection and receive automatic virtual patches to security vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.

Up to 10x lighter than competitors

We keep features light yet security heavy because we know performance optimisation is an important part of agencies offerings.

SOC dashboard with all your clients sites

Stop micromanaging plugins thanks to bulk management and start providing value with monthly white-labeled customer reports.

Maximise protection with incident assistance

$3.49 per site / mo
No website is ever 100% safe but we sure try our best! Just let us know if you suspect a site has security issues and our security experts will jump to assist.

How to get started?

Connect clients websites to the dashboard
Automate security and protection
Show value to customers with white-labeled reports
Grow client trust and recurring revenue

An average WordPress maintenance plan costs $189/mo per site. Automate your care plans for unlimited sites with Patchstack Business at $457.4/mo.

Sites included
Seats included
Software detection
Find plugin, theme, core vulnerabilities
Real-time vulnerability alerts
Actionable security suggestions
Automatic virtual patching
0-day protection (OWASP Top 10)
Brute-force protecton
Set up custom firewall rules
Auto-updating for vulnerable plugins
Site hardening features
Set up custom alert triggers
Analytics & reporting
HTTP security header detection
Domain name expiraton detection
SSL certificate expiration detection
Access to add-ons
Additional seats
5 included
Report white-labeling
Incident assistance
$3.49 per site / mo
Access to support
Walkthrough with assisted setup
monthly, billed annually
or $499 monthly
$457.5/mo billed anually
or $499/mo
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