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A (once) lifeguard turned guardian for open-source. He gets all excited by people (so tweet him up @oliversild or just apply already!). Oliver also enjoys tinkering and hacking hardware and is so far the only weirdo on our team who is a fan of salty liquorice.

Oliver Sild

Seems to believe he is Luke and his father to be Darth Wader (not Vader)… He gets way too excited with the start of Formula 1 seasons and can fall asleep faster than Verstappen can pit, in roughly 1.2 seconds. Darius loves all things adrenaline and crazy and we love him!

Darius Sveikauskas
Alliance overlord

Is publicly into snowboarding but secretly prefers fly fishing these days. He may get way too excited about the sound of press-fresh vinyls. Stevan believes there’s nothing he couldn’t eat (come dare him!) and has a garden full of homegrown fresh produce to prove it.

Stevan Aleksic
Software developer

Previously wanted to become a chef and completed an education related to this yet then thought it’d be a good idea to start a software company via Reddit instead. Dave is an expert on craft beer, anti-crypto and can nap any time anywhere, seemingly during chats with the designer.

Dave Jong

Is into psychology, true crime, mysteries and all things supernatural and is also an SEO wizard herself. She also gets way too excited about cakes and makes a crazy good pecan pie. Every time Agnes sees a dog or a cat, she gets the urge to run to them and meet&greet them.

Agnes Talalaev
on a maternity leave 🤰

The hottest guy in the world because he’s the god of all things sauna. He gets all too excited and hot when specifically listening to music on-board airplanes. He’s fun, he’s easy and he can put two notes in one hot whistle!

Sander Jürgens
Support engineer

A moderately successful comic artist (see arcaderage.co). He considers himself a lucky bastard who likes to help others. Mart surprises us with a new band shirt every call and he just loves to nerd it out on random topics… except herring (a classic Estonian trauma).

Mart Virkus
Head of Marketing

Once ate a big mac meal, two extra big macs and an ice cream in one sitting. He gets way too excited about tiny details but also answering random surveys, the cosmos, new smells and organising stuff in productive ways to keep being lazy.

Andreas Roosson
Design Lead

An A+ guy who seems to do it all – from baby football to creating dioramas – he has the true MacGyver skills to build a working carousel from leftover toothpicks and then turn it into a SaaS business, all while travelling the world. He really put’s the A+ in our A-team.

Nestor Angulo de Ugarte
Software engineer

Our friendly security bot. Currently on forced leave from Twitter.


Managed to become a huge techie without ever watching a single episode of Star Wars. An amazing feat! And when we say a huge techie, we mean a degree in Artifical Intelligence level of dark wizardry. No barrier is too difficult for Ibad to overcome… well except the taste of pudding apparently.

Ibad Rehman
Front-end developer

Has a weak spot for deutsche qualität… e.g. Dyson product design and Patchstack. (Honestly now, don’t we all?) Edouard can stay calm and keep cool just like that poster. We’ve seen it in calls and cool he is indeed. In fact he too never watched Star Wars yet still blows us away (just like Dyson).

Edouard Lamoine
Security engineer

Our mastermind analyst. He moves with ease across the chess board of vulnerabilities and make no doubt, he will spot every single one. Legend has it he can stare at one repeater on Burp Suite for hours straight. (We couldn’t keep up to debunk nor confirm). Scoundrels, watch out!

Rafie Muhammad
Threat analyst

Our good vibe correction officer with an alleged ESPN documentary for a backstory. Helis is all about seizing a moment and making it your best one yet. Shots, Shakira and dancing like in the 2000’s may be involved. Be aware, Helis has the inhuman resources to make anything happen.

Helis Hämarsalu
HR Police

Though he talks a lot, Ahsan might be the only introverted community manager we know. He enjoys destroying poop-talking 15 year olds in video games yet somehow for the sake of sweet balance also gets way too excited about just sleeping through a vacation. A confusing yet lovely blend.

Ahsan Parwez
Community manager

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