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Offer secure WordPress hosting with real-time vulnerability monitoring and vPatching.
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“Patchstack has led to the prevention of more than 56 000 vulnerabilities in our Managed WordPress installations.”

Liza Bogatyrev

Product Marketing Manager at

We secure the WordPress hosting experience for

Auto-detect security vulnerabilities across all hosted WordPress applications

48h early vulnerability detection
Monitor active exploitation

Prioritize updates with patch priority

Raise security awareness

vPatching presents a non-intrusive and effective way to mitigate vulnerabilities in scale

Highly targeted and lightweight
Auto-connect and -deploy via API
No code changes or false positives
Reduce malware infections

Offer targeted protection when vulnerabilities are detected for a significant revenue opportunity

Dashboard integration
Low friction for customers
High conversion rate

Included in Enterprise API

See API documentation
Unlimited API calls
Multiple endpoints
48h early warning
Local cache results
Partners’ Slack
IP reputation on request

API datapoints:

Software name
Software type (plugin, theme, core)
Software type (free, premium)
Version info (fixed-in, ranges)
Detailed vulnerability description
Link to database entry
Patchstack patch priority
CVSS score
CVE identification number
OWASP type classification
Vulnerability disclosure date
References to external resources
References to original researchers
Exploitation indicator

Enterprise API JSON example

    "title":"WordPress File Upload plugin <= 4.16.2 - Contributor+ Path Traversal vulnerability leading to Remote Code Execution (RCE)",
    "description":"Contributor+ Path Traversal vulnerability leading to Remote Code Execution (RCE) discovered by apple502j in WordPress File Upload plugin (versions <= 4.16.2).",
    "vuln_type":"Directory Traversal",
    "patch_priority": 3,

    "product_name":"WordPress File Upload",
    "affected_in":"<= 4.16.2",

    "disclosure_date":"2022-03-01 00:00:00",


Take your WordPress hosting to the next level with vulnerability management

We are trusted by MITRE to assign CVE IDs to new security vulnerabilities and our technology is backed by the EU Innovation Council. In 2022 Patchstack published over 4,500+ vulnerabilities affecting millions of WordPress sites.
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