Patchstack Is FREE On the Official WordPress Repository

Published 14 September 2023
Updated 11 December 2023
Oliver Sild
CEO at Patchstack
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Yes, Patchstack is FREE to download and install on the official WordPress repository. It always has been. Unfortunately, not everyone new to WordPress is aware of this and there are different reasons why.

Automattic (the company behind hosting company) has cloned the official plugin repository which has been recently reported to outrank the search results of the official WordPress plugin directory. This has raised valid concerns within the community. is NOT

The WordPress ecosystem suffers from a branding issue, causing a lot of confusion. WordPress, the open-source content management system everybody is talking about is built by a global community of volunteers. WordPress and all its plugins/themes are free to download at however, is owned by a private company founded by Matt Mullenweg, who is the founder of the WordPress open-source project. Automattic, who previously owned the WordPress trademark, donated it to the WordPress Foundation (, but Automattic has kept the rights to use it for

To explain it simply, is the official WordPress that everyone is using – it’s open-source, completely free, and accessible to everyone. is a web hosting company that hosts WordPress websites (similar to WPengine, Kinsta,, and many others).

WordPress plugins are FREE on the official WordPress repository

Due to the confusion between and, many new people who get into WordPress think that plugins are a “paid feature” of WordPress. This confusion is understandable if we look at how the plugins are represented on

On the website, WordPress Themes and Plugins are listed under the “Features” tab. Once you select a plugin, you’ll then see that the plugin is “Free” only in the Business plan, which costs $25/month.

Official WordPress Repository
Official WordPress Repository

Unfortunately, there is no indicator that this plugin is completely free to download on the official repository. Since (Automattic) cloned the entire WordPress plugins repository, it now competes with the official plugin repository on search results, which can leave even more new people confused. also changed the context of the plugin listing from “Download” to “Free on Business plan” and “Get started” which effectively misleads new users to sign up for a paid subscription to get a plugin that is free to download on

What can the WordPress community do about it?

WordPress is open-source software, which is so popular thanks to the global community of contributors, volunteers, and developers who have been building the WordPress core, but also more than 60,000 plugins that are entirely free to download.

It would be a shame if the new people who are yet to get involved with WordPress don’t immediately get the open-source nature of the platform, and the unbelievable flexibility & expandability it has thanks to all of the free plugins the community has built.

Hopefully, this will get clearer in the future. Still, until then we at Patchstack have decided to update our plugin readme file to make sure visitors know that there is an option to get this plugin for free and to make sure they also know that the official WordPress plugin repository is at, not

Here is the text if you also want to do so:

This plugin can be downloaded for free without any paid subscription from the official WordPress repository.

patchstack free

You can add a clarification and link to the official plugin page on top of your plugin readme file, which will also be copied over to the cloned page. ✌🏼

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