Patchstack Community Plan Gets an Upgrade

Published 11 January 2024
Updated 15 January 2024
Oliver Sild
CEO at Patchstack
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Since we launched the Patchstack Developer plan and the changes to the Patchstack Community plan in 2023, we have talked a lot to our customers and users. Something that has been coming up ever since is the missing middle ground for smaller agencies.

2023 was an exceptional year for Patchstack. We launched the Patchstack Priority scoring system, our new generation protection engine, our advanced hardening module, and more. We always put in the extra effort with our technology and security research to maximize the impact.

More than 50% of all WordPress-related security vulnerabilities in 2023 have been reported to & published first by Patchstack which has allowed us to provide the fastest and most accurate vulnerability protection on the market. A big shoutout to the Patchstack Alliance community, where we now have more than 500 ethical hackers, contributing to WordPress security!

Patchstack Community plan has always been about… Community. Great communities bring value and have to be accessible and flexible to be open to everyone. After the countless number of interviews & feedback we’ve received, we have realized that we need to re-align our Community plan with those values.

A lot more accessible Patchstack Community plan

Offering security & maintenance plans can be a great extra revenue source for WordPress professionals regardless of their size, but as in any business, the first step is the hardest.

To make it easier to start using Patchstack on your customers' sites, we've added the option to increase the site limit on the Community plan to 50 websites for $49/month.

This is a great opportunity for those who mostly need vulnerability monitoring for a larger number of sites.

Additionally, we have reduced the cost of protection - from $9/month/website to just $5/month/website which will unlock vPatching, protection modules (including the new Advanced WordPress Hardening module), and all of the hardening options.

This will apply to all existing and new Community plan customers immediately!

New Community IP Blocklist protection module

All Patchstack customers that have protection turned on can now enable the new Community IP Blocklist protection module. This module collects together IP addresses that hit the Patchstack vPatches and adds them to the blocklist.

Users who enable the Community IP Blocklist contribute the IP addresses from their vPatch hits back to the network. Exactly like the Patchstack vPatch rules causing no false positives, the same applies to the Community IP Blocklist module.

Together, we are stronger!

Re-organized hardening settings

For those who have been using Patchstack before, you will find some more changes coming to the Patchstack App. We have reorganized the hardening settings which you find on the submenu under the application view.

community plan

These changes are necessary for some of our future updates as we aim to bring a more seamless experience for managing security for a larger number of WordPress applications.

Expect to see some of these options to be completely moved to the “Protection” page, where you can interact with them (and apply them to different sites) as protection modules.

Re-organizing also involves priorities and focus, which means that some of the legacy options such as the Cookie Notice feature, will be discontinued (1st of March 2024) as it falls out of the scope of what Patchstack is meant to do.


The Patchstack Community plan is made more accessible & flexible with the price of protection changed from $9/month/website to $5/month/website.

Patchstack Community plan now also gets a volume upgrade which allows to expand the Community plan for 50 websites for $49/month.

Additionally, enabling the protection on the Community plan will now also unlock all of the hardening options. With the hardening options being reorganized, we have also looked at what features fall out of our scope; therefore, the Cookie Notice feature will be discontinued (1st of March 2024).

We are extremely thankful for all of our customers who have supported us in this journey. Thanks to you, Patchstack has become the #1 leading vulnerability intelligence provider in the entire WordPress ecosystem.

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