Patchstack Weekly #63: How To Spot Potentially Abandoned Plugins in Your WordPress Site
The Complete Guide To WordPress Security
Patchstack Weekly #62: The Patchstack State of WordPress Security Report
Patchstack Weekly #61: Should you use WordPress As a Headless CMS?
Patchstack Weekly #60: Should You Convert WordPress To a Static Site?
Patchstack Weekly #59: Do You Need Virtual Patches?
Patchstack Weekly #58: Do You Need security.txt?
Patchstack Weekly #57: Expanding Your Idea of Security
WPMU DEV’s Defender Pro Now Powered by Patchstack’s Vulnerability Feed
Patchstack Weekly #56: How Can Developers Prove Their Plugins Are Secure?
Patchstack Weekly #55: How To Choose a Secure Web Hosting Provider?
Patchstack Weekly #54: How To Make Sure Your Sites Are Running Safe WordPress Plugins
Patchstack Weekly #53: Security Best Practice – Rotate Your Passwords
Patchstack Weekly #52: Will AI Change Web Security?
Most Common WordPress Plugin Vulnerabilities & How to Fix Them
Patchstack Weekly #51: How One Vulnerability Affects Many
Patchstack Weekly #50: When Hacks Come Back
Patchstack Weekly #49: Hunting Open-Source Security Bugs with SAST.
Patchstack Weekly #48: Dealing with End of Life and Unsupported Open Source Projects.
Patchstack Weekly #47: What Is Type Juggling in PHP?
Patchstack Weekly #45: What Is an Open Redirect Bug (and Why It’s Dangerous)?
Patchstack Alliance September Winners & Leaderboard
WordPress 6.0.3 Security Release Summary
Patchstack Weekly #44: Who You Gonna Call When Your Site Goes Down?
Patchstack Weekly #43: OWASP ZAP HUD, Breakpoints, and Lightbulbs.
Patchstack Helps Fix 56,000 WordPress Vulnerabilities for Their Customers
Patchstack Weekly #42: What is the OWASP ZAP HUD?
Patchstack Weekly #41: Introduction to OWASP ZAP
Patchstack Weekly #40: The WordCamp US Roundup
Patchstack Alliance August Winners & Leaderboard
Patchstack Weekly #39: WordPress 6.0.2 Security Release Details
Patchstack Is Partnering With Hostinger to Make WordPress Safer
Patchstack Weekly #38: What is Your Time to Patch?
Patchstack Weekly #37: What Is a CVSS Score?
Patchstack Weekly #36: What Makes a Good Security Bug Patching Practice?
A “New” Bug – PHP Object Injection via Insecure Instantiation
Patchstack Weekly #35: SVG XSS Reported in Gutenberg
Patchstack Weekly #34: Why You Shouldn’t Use Nulled Plugins and Themes
Patchstack Weekly #33: What is Server Side Request Forgery (SSRF)?
Patchstack Weekly #32: Are Millions of WordPress Sites Really Under Attack?
Patchstack Weekly #31: Why You Should Remove Unused Plugins
Patchstack::helpers [1] – Oliver Sild on Mentorship and Community
Patchstack Weekly #30: What is CSV Injection?
Patchstack Weekly #28: How To Choose Secure Plugins?
Ninja Forms Plugin Object Injection Security Bug Gets Patched
Patchstack Weekly #27: How to Update wp_options Securely.
WordPress Vulnerability News, June 2022
Patchstack Weekly, Week 23: What Makes A Good WordPress Community?
Patchstack Weekly, Week 22: How To Create An Incident Response Plan?
What’s New In WordPress 6.0?
Patchstack Weekly, Week 21: Vulnerability News & Over-Communicating Security
Patchstack Weekly, Week 20: How To Communicate Security?
Winners Of WordPress Bug Hunt 2021
Patchstack Weekly, Week 19: Secure AJAX Endpoints & WordPress Vulnerabilities
Patchstack Weekly, Week 18: PHP Object Injection aka Insecure Deserialize
Why Hosting Companies Should Send Out WordPress Security Alerts?
Patchstack Weekly, Week 17: Egoless Programming And Security Bugs
Patchstack Weekly, Week 16: WordPress Vulnerabilities And Secure Code Review
Critical Vulnerability Fixed In Elementor Plugin Version 3.6.3
Patchstack Weekly, Week 14: Five Steps To A Secure WordPress From Scratch
Patchstack Weekly, Week 13: A New Set Of WP-CLI Security Commands
Patchstack Red Team Is Now Patchstack Alliance
Patchstack Weekly, Week 11: State of WordPress Security 2021
Patchstack Weekly, Week 10: Influx of New Vulnerabilities & Freemius Library
Patchstack Weekly, Week 9: Vulnerability News & Insecure Libraries
Patchstack Partners Up With Plesk
Critical Vulnerability Fixed In Essential Addons for Elementor Plugin
Authenticated Vulnerability in Unpatched WordPress Themes
Patchstack App Tutorial: Writing Custom Firewall Rules
Technical Advisory: WordPress Core 5.8.3 Security Update
New Improved WordPress Login Page Protection
If You Approach WordPress Security Like This, It’s Easy
Extremely Critical Vulnerability In The Apache Log4j Logging Library
Why Protect Websites Before Winter Holidays?
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