Patchstack Helps Fix 56,000 WordPress Vulnerabilities for Their Customers

Published 5 October 2022
Updated 23 November 2023
Mart Virkus
Head of marketing
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We’ve always said the best way to handle website security is by preventing attacks in the first place. We’re happy to announce that is the latest hosting provider joining the spearhead to tackle open-source security problems at the root. has introduced Patchstack's WordPress vulnerability alerts to customers on their Managed WordPress subscription, and in doing so they've fixed 56,000 plugin vulnerabilities for their customers.

This is a big number, and huge win toward making the web safer! accomplished this by taking the vulnerability information, giving it to their users, and making it easy to update the vulnerable components to safe versions. But let's take a closer look!

How does it work? users can see the security status of their website by simply logging into WordPress and heading to the Health Monitor on their dashboard. There you can see whether your website is running any vulnerable WordPress components along with information on the risks these vulnerabilities pose.

Patchstack alerts inside the health monitor

Also, if you’ve enabled the automated update manager, the vulnerable components will be updated as soon as the updates are available.

Keep in mind that the integration doesn’t include the Patchstack vPatches or firewall rules - for these, you’ll still need a Patchsack Pro or Business subscription.

Website security as insurance

This proactive effort by to encourage its users to take care of security problems before they arise is a clear (and welcome) sign that the WordPress ecosystem is moving toward a preventive mindset toward security.

“We see built-in preventive security as an insurance of our customers' investment in their online presence,” says CPO Morten Grauballe. 

This is also the reason why we’ve always focused on vPatches, firewall rules, OWASP coverage and other safety features over scanning and cleanups - the latter of which can be very costly. Seeing how reported vulnerabilities shot up by 150% in 2021, it’s more important than ever to focus on insurance, versus damage repair.

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