Over 60 000 users trust Patchstack as a Sucuri alternative

According to them, our help desk is very helpful, the App is easy to setup and we solve the #1 security issue.

Sucuri vs Patchstack – which one to choose?

Both platforms allow you monitor and protect your WordPress sites and filter malicious traffic. However Patchstack is strictly focused on the #1 issue why 95% of WordPress sites get hacked – plugin vulnerabilities.

We have less features so we can focus on what’s important:

Lightweight yet powerful solution

Because we lack third-rate features, our solution is lightweight and will hardly affect your website’s performance.

No hassle setup and central dashboard

Our ready-to-go solution makes securing websites easy and saves you time by having them all in one place.

Customers love our top notch support

Our customers rate our support with 5 stars saying it's first-class, quick, professional and reliable.

we do the work for you

Receive automatic virtual patches to secure your websites

Don’t take our word for it

See why our customers prefer Patchstack over Sucuri

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Protect your WordPress sites against plugin, theme and core vulnerabilities