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Detect vulnerabilities for free, protection starts at $9/month per site.
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Our free Community plan lets you turn on automatic protection for $9 per website, per month. The protection includes a website firewall to protect you from all common attack types, as well as virtual patches for vulnerable plugins.

Lighter, smarter, better protection

Think of virtual patches as a “smart firewall” – something that only activates when it notices suspicious behaviour aimed at a very specific plugin, or a theme. This means virtual patches have very low impact on website performance.

How to get started?

Create a Community account and add your website via ‘My Apps’
Install the latest Patchstack plugin on your WordPress admin
Make sure the website is properly connected to deliver virtual patches
Enable the protection toggle, add your CC and you’re all set up!
“Amazing plugin, you really will not find a better offer on the web that also has reasonable pricing. Worth every penny. “
“The service was so impressive that I created an account to leave this review! Thanks, Patchstack!  “
“I am very satisfied with this plugin which has already thwarted many attack attempts.”

Frequently asked questions

Malware is most commonly injected by exploiting security vulnerabilities. Patchstack detects those vulnerabilities and automatically applies vPatches that provide highly targeted, lightweight and effective way to hold off attacks to prevent any malware to get inside.

Malware scanners in the other hand scan for already injected malware which means the website has already been compromised and infected which also requires a thorough clean-up. While having regular malware scans is important to cover your back, it’s always better to prevent malware infections in the first place.

Attackers automatically target all websites to build large bot nets to perform more complex attacks against lucrative targets. Even a basic website gives attackers one more node for future attacks. We believe better web security is a community effort.

Since Patchstack is focused on prevention in the first place, it does not scan your files like a malware scanner and won't help you in finding existing malware on your website. We recommend reaching out to your hosting provider or a professional.

The free version of Patchstack does not run anything aside from scheduled tasks on your website, so there will be no noticeable difference. The paid version does run several tasks on each page load but based on tests from us and from our customers we have seen that Patchstack does not affect your website's performance in any significant or noticeable way. In fact, a test done by one of our users indicated that Patchstack is up to 10x lighter than competing security services.

We have not had issues with Patchstack conflicting with other security services, but we do recommend using as few different tools on your WordPress site as possible. If you do use another security plugin, it is recommended to not enable similar features as it could cause site-breaking issues. If you have any issues with other security tools, please contact our support so we could investigate the issue.

Setting up Patchstack takes no more than a few minutes per installation. The data might need a few minutes to show up after a successful installation.

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