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Malcare vs Patchstack – which one to choose?

Both platforms allow you monitor and protect your WordPress sites and filter malicious traffic. However Patchstack is strictly focused and excels with the #1 issue why 99.4% of WordPress sites get hacked – plugin vulnerabilities.

Find out about vulnerabilities

Instantly find out when new vulnerabilities in plugins, themes or WordPress core are identified.

Automated security with virtual patches

Professional users receive virtual patches for vulnerabilities found in plugins before they can be exploited or a security update becomes available.

Light on resources, heavy on security

Patchstack is up to 10 times less memory-consuming than other popular WordPress security plugins.

Maximise protection with incident assistance

$3.49 per site / mo
No website is ever 100% secure. Enable and assign the add-on to websites so if one does become malicious, we safely restore the site.

See why our customers prefer Patchstack over Malcare

Easily migrate your websites from Malcare to Patchstack with our auto-install feature

Sites included
Seats included
Software detection
Find plugin, theme, core vulnerabilities
Real-time vulnerability alerts
Actionable security suggestions
Automatic virtual patching
0-day protection (OWASP Top 10)
Brute-force protecton
Set up custom firewall rules
Auto-updating for vulnerable plugins
Site hardening features
Set up custom alert triggers
Analytics & reporting
HTTP security header detection
Domain name expiraton detection
SSL certificate expiration detection
Access to add-ons
Additional seats
5 included
Report white-labeling
Incident assistance
$3.49 per site / mo
Access to support
Walkthrough with assisted setup
monthly, billed annually
or $499 monthly
$457.5/mo billed anually
or $499/mo