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Published 29 April 2021
Updated 18 July 2023
Agnes Talalaev
SEO wizard at Patchstack
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Join the website security community by Patchstack here.

Like many other brands or businesses we also have an online community for our users to talk, ask questions, and discuss security and Patchstack related matters. With the Facebook community, it's easier for us to be closer to our community and get more valuable feedback from those who matter.

website security community

What is a community?

In its simplest form, a community is a group of people who share a common interest. An online community formed around a particular business consists of customers, both existing and potential, who are interested in the product or service that is offered.

Why did we create a website security community?

We try to be flexible as we grow and improve our product. As the way to growth, we need to constantly improve our services.

To be able to improve the services so that people will benefit from it we need a community of people who value security, who use the product and can see what kind of features would they need to make the everyday life easier, safer and more organized.

To speak to our users we made a Facebook community to build closer relationships with our users, to share the values, share the knowledge and expertise.

Since 97% of adults, aged 16 to 64 have at least one account in some social platform, we believe it’s the best way to deliver new information fast and make it easily reachable for everyone.

We love to talk to our customers because they are the ones that we built Patchstack for. To engage, listen and act the way our customers would prefer the product to grow is one of the most important parts of our business.

Website Security Community by Patchstack on Facebook

The website security community by Patchstack is meant for more general discussions and information sharing. It’s a place for discussions about different related topics and to meet others who also value security and want to help us make to world more secure one website at a time.

Keep in mind that Patchstack Facebook community has not been made to give technical support from the Patchstack team. If you need support or any help with Patchstack services you should contact us directly on live support on our website.

Before you join the Facebook community please take a look at the group guidelines here: Patchstack Community Guidelines

Join website security community by Patchstack

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