EfficientWP Case Study: Spending Less Time on WordPress Update Management with Patchstack

Published 3 June 2024
Lana is Lifecycle Marketing Manager at Patchstack.
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Patchstack user since: July 2022
Threats blocked: 6,952 in the last 30 days across 44 websites

WordPress updates are no longer just something you set and forget. With the increase in vulnerabilities, updates have become a weekly (and, in some cases, even daily) chore.

If you have a solution that helps you prioritize and protects you while you schedule updates and tests, you’ve freed up a significant chunk of your time. 

For Doug Yuen of Efficient WP, that has been the case with Patchstack.

Lightweight and powerful protection with vPatching

One of the key tools in Doug’s toolkit is Patchstack’s vPatching: highly-targeted security rules designed to block the exploits of plugin vulnerabilities. 

When a vulnerability pops up for one of the plugins installed on his clients’ sites, Doug can rest easy knowing that Patchstack will block attacks.

Patchstack blocks threats against your WordPress websites

This gives him time to properly check the updates and apply them to his clients' sites without worrying that something will break due to a WordPress compatibility issue. Also, when there’s a zero-day vulnerability, he doesn’t have to risk upgrading during peak traffic hours to keep the sites secure.

“Everything has been covered by the virtual patch. I don't necessarily have to update right away. The email alerts are nice to know, but because Patchstack covers it, I'm not worried.”

Accurate blocks and security rules

Numerous security solutions advertise themselves as never missing a beat, but Doug has been in the WordPress business since 2008, and he has stories to tell. Tools that advertise scanning for vulnerable plugins and malware have found issues with one site, but not another that has an identical setup.

Patchstack, on the other hand, doesn’t miss a beat:

“So far since I've been using Patchstack, there hasn't been anything that it hasn't covered.”

Outdated plugin hygiene

Clients come to Doug with all sorts of stacks. Often, that means outdated plugins. Even in regular setups, plugins can stop being updated by the developers who decide to discontinue the project. 

These abandoned plugins can result in dangerous security vulnerabilities that attackers will exploit to gain access to sites.

However, vPatching keeps Doug’s sites safe while he finds the replacements.

WordPress security isn’t optional

Anybody who’s worked with clients knows how difficult it is to explain extra costs to them, especially when it comes to security. Unless the client has had a bad experience in the past, it’s easy for them to take security as an unnecessary expense - especially if you sell it as an “optional feature.”

If you ask Doug, WordPress security isn’t optional. In his conversations with maintenance clients, he no longer has to convince them why they should pay extra for a security component. Instead, it’s included by default to keep them safe.

And keeping them safe, in return, keeps him at peace. It’s a win-win!

Give your clients the world’s best WordPress vulnerability protection. Explore Patchstack or book a demo. 

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