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Published 15 June 2021
Updated 18 July 2023
Agnes Talalaev
SEO wizard at Patchstack
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We are excited to announce that 10Web and Patchstack have partnered up. We are working together with 10Web to help strengthen the WordPress ecosystem.

10Web has joined Patchstack in a mission to make WordPress security information more accessible to all developers. This partnership allows us to grow Patchstack Alliance and keep information about WordPress-related security vulnerabilities free at the Patchstack database.

Read the interview we made with the 10Web team.

What are the biggest problems in WordPress security in your opinion?

WordPress is an open-source platform supported by its community. From a security perspective, community support has some pros and cons.

It benefits the core and most-used components of WordPress and popular plugins, especially those supported by commercial companies. They are regularly checked and are in the spotlight.

dangers of shared hosting

On the other hand, WordPress being open-source creates multiple vendors and fragmentation of the ecosystem. The number of abandoned and not maintained plugins and themes are in the tens of thousands.

Few people check them. The problem is even worse for non-repository third-party custom plugins and templates.

Many of them were once developed and installed on client sites and are not actively maintained now. They may be outdated, vulnerable, or simply broken.

As a hosting and site-building platform, 10Web needs to ensure its customers have the best security on their websites. Even those customers, who are not professional developers or security experts.

Why did you partner up with Patchstack?

10Web has experienced engineers and security team. But still, we consider a partnership with Patchstack, who are experts in WordPress security, essential.

Third-party reviews and feedback are always useful and appreciated.  Collaboration with external experts is a sign of maturity of a business.


We are proud to partner with Patchstack and their Alliance Team. They help us to discover vulnerabilities in our plugins and services, those we might have missed, thus ensuring a high-quality product.

Why does 10Web support Patchstack Red Team?

This is a great platform that directly connects security experts to WordPress plugin developers. The expertise level of the Patchstack Alliance is high.

We appreciate well-prepared specific vulnerability reports. Our engineers can fix them easily without ineffective back-and-forth communication. The collaborative format of the platform is great for discussions and feedback.

What do you like about the Alliance initiative the most?

We like that Patchstack Alliance started small and they have a proven high level experts track. It is not an easy task to scale the team without losing the quality but we are sure that Patchstack will succeed and eventually there will be thousands of WordPress security experts there.

Do you think Alliance can help to eliminate the security problems you mentioned above?

Yes, we are sure it can. The same security challenges caused by WordPress being open-source can be addressed using the similar and well-directed community efforts of experts.


Patchstack has the potential to contribute significantly to maintaining the high-level security of WordPress plugins and themes.

What does 10web offer to its clients?

10Web is an automated WordPress platform for building WordPress websites with AI instantly and hosting them on the leading edge, fast, and reliable hosting powered by Google Cloud.

The platform automatically provides hosted websites with a 90+ PageSpeed Score.

Read more about 10Web here.

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