Why you should care

95%+ vulnerabilities in WordPress originate from plugins affecting millions of websites every month

Based on our user statistics and research.

Why would a hacker target my websites?

Attackers target all websites to build large bot nets to perform more complex attacks against lucrative targets. Even a basic website gives attackers one more node for future attacks.

Expert security without security expertise

Our community of Red Team ethical hackers actively discover and prioritise vulnerabilities. Automatic virtual patches are then applied to your plugins before they can be exploited.

Our approach is to prevent not remedy

While no website is ever 100% secure, our virtual patches give web developers and site owners protection until they are able to safely perform security updates.
Plugin exploits blocked
in December 2021
Community-sourced code-review

Professional security auditing and penetration testing for both plugins and themes

We Identify issues within your components
Receive a detailed report with suggestions for fixes
Patch validation to confirm sufficient fixes
Receive a Patchstack trust badge

Identify and fix issues proactively

Our experienced ethical hackers will help identify and fix security issues in your code without unwanted public attention and are specialized in plugin security.

Earn and retain customer trust

Potential incidents affect both your and your customers' reputations. Show that your code has been externally tested and be seen as a responsible and trusted software vendor.

Do your part in making the web secure

Service fees are funneled to our community of ethical hackers and directly contribute to making all open-source safer.
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Threat Intelligence Feed for hosting companies & enterprises

Be the first to know

Get immediate access to the latest security vulnerabilities found in WordPress core, plugins and themes.

Detailed metadata

Patchstack Threat Intelligence Feed comes with detailed metadata such as CVE-IDs, timestamps, affected versions and much more.

Scalable API

Notify your customers about vulnerabilities in their open source software stack. Our API supports caching which makes ideal for scale.

Support the community

All fees will be funneled to our community via the Red Team bounty platform and directly contribute to making all open-source safer.
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