Updated: July 28, 2021

Patchstack Is Looking For a Head of WordPress Partnerships

Oliver Sild
from patchstack

Patchstack is looking for a Head of WordPress Partnerships who has very good insights into the WordPress ecosystem, knows how to work with large hosting companies and with other businesses who serve the WordPress ecosystem.

Patchstack is a leading security company providing vulnerability information and virtual patches against security issues found within WordPress, plugins, and themes.

We maintain a free WordPress vulnerability database and focus on building a community of independent security researchers (Patchstack Red Team) behind the WordPress ecosystem.

As a company, we believe in transparency, integrity, community, and put personal growth to a high priority.

Patchstack is a winner of Global InfoSec Awards 2021 in two categories: Open Source Security and Web Application Security for providing "Cutting Edge" solution to the market. We are also one of the three security companies in the WordPress ecosystem that is authorized to assign CVE IDs to WordPress-related vulnerabilities.

What we do:
1) We provide a SaaS solution to detect and vpatch plugin vulnerabilities patchstack.com/features/
2) We run a community-driven bug bounty platform (Patchstack Red Team) to nurture a community of independent security researchers behind the WordPress ecosystem.
3) We maintain an open and free WordPress vulnerability database patchstack.com/database/
4) We provide professional code-review and security auditing to WordPress plugins patchstack.com/security-audits/

Who are we looking for as a head of WordPress partnerships position at Patchstack?

We're looking for a professional who is well networked in the WordPress and web hosting industry. The candidate is expected to have at least a basic understanding of web application (and more specifically WordPress) security.

The position is full-time and remote (in the EU/US timezone). The candidate should be a highly self-disciplined professional with excellent communication skills.

You'll be working in a fast-paced startup environment where everybody is involved in planning the direction and growth of the company.

While we provide a lot of personal freedom, we're looking for a solution-oriented person who is not afraid of challenges and is also happy to work on tasks that might not fall into everyday responsibilities.

Day-to-day tasks include:

  • Bring new partnerships to the pipeline
  • Improve and nurture the existing partnerships
  • Represent Patchstack in the WordPress ecosystem
  • Work closely with the marketing team

Would be helpful:

  • Previous experience working in a web hosting or web security company
  • Previous experience working in a remote team

What we can offer:

  • Competitive salary with stock options plan
  • Signing bonuses (new partnerships)
  • Work in a quickly growing tech company
  • Highly impactful work
  • No corporate environment
  • Paid training for work-related personal development
  • Paid vacations (35 days a year)
  • Full-time telecommuting in a globally distributed team
  • Co-working space membership or ergonomic desk equipment for home
  • Fitness club or a local gym membership

How to apply?

To apply to a Head of WordPress Partnerships position at Patchstack, please include your contact information, background, and employment history including job titles, starting and ending dates of employment.

If you have any references to your previous work and links to additional information (e.g. LinkedIn, blog) please add those as well.

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